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Dirvish is a fast, disk based, rotating network backup system.

With dirvish you can maintain a set of complete images of your filesystems with unattended creation and expiration. A dirvish backup vault is like a time machine for your data.

Dirvish was originally created by jw schultz .

Dirvish News

20 September 2014 . . . . . . Upgrade problems

After a recent upgrade, viewvc is broken, though subversion still works. We will probably move the code repository to git. Someday.

05 October 2008 . . . . . . Jason Boxman's Dirvish Guide

Jason Boxman revised his dirvish guide.

09 June 2006 . . . . . . c'T magazine article

Dirvish is used around the world. We have subscribers to the mailing list from at least 15 countries. Recently, we have had many new subcribers from Germany, who are using dirvish because of an article in c'T magazine. Wilkommen! Are any of you Perl programmers?

10 October 2005 . . . . . . OSL, and Steve Ramage's Windows Dirvish Guide

Steve Ramage wrote a Windows dirvish guide, and a guide to setting up ssh and dirvish There are still some issues with passwords and permissions, but this is a good start, and avoids the rsync lockup problems sometimes encountered by dirvish. Check it out!

In other news, I've learned from the director of the Oregon State University Open Source Lab that they will be backing up their servers with dirvish. These servers are the primary mirror sites for Mozilla, Kernel.org, Gentoo, Drupal, and other major open source projects.

06 June 2005 . . . . . . 1.3.1 Experimental release

The experimental 1.3.1 release is available for alpha testing. This is a developmental version which will evolve into production release 1.4 . It has a new installer, and the code is refactored. Patches and improvements should be made against this version. It may eat your babies, but please test it anyway! Do so on an experimental backup server (two sets of backups can't hurt!). I am running it myself with no problems so far.

Note (09 June 2006): the installer is not set up right, and I am not getting much development help with 1.3.1 . Until somebody wants to actively join with me in coding and developing 1.3.1, this will wait. 1.2.1 is good enough for most uses.

19 May 2005 . . . . . . 1.2.1 Baby Step release

I'm running it, others are running it, no complaints so far, so let's release it. 1.2.1 is a few small fixes that can't wait for the 1.3.1 development release. Check the 1.2.1 Release notes (RELEASE.html) for more information. I will be putting up experimental version 1.3.1 Real Soon Now; you can look at work in progress on the Subversion viewer.

05 October 2008 . . . . . . Jason Boxman's Dirvish Guide

Jason Boxman revised his dirvish guide.

26 December 2004 . . . . . . New dirvish versions in development

The 1.3.X test version of dirvish is being developed now; please join the Mailing List to find out more. The official public release will be 1.4 , which will occur after stabilization and testing on multiple platforms. We are addressing some small bug fixes and new installation methods in this version.

The wiki contains more information about using dirvish.

There is a three part article on dirvish in the January, February, and March 2005 issues of Sys Admin Magazine, at your favorite techno-newsstand. As of Tuesday, February 8, 2005, alert readers have found two errors in the part 2 article. Here are the examples from part 2 and part 3. The dirvish-file-restore program mentioned in part 3 is not ready yet.

18 July 2004 . . . . . . . . . . . In memory of jw schultz

jw schultz, author of Dirvish and frequent contributor to the development of Perl, Rsync, and the Linux kernel, was found dead on March 27. We will miss him. More information here.

15 June 2004 . . . . . . . . . . . 1.2 release

Version 1.2:       MD5 checksum
jw's last release. Downloaded from the debian website.

15 July 2003 . . . . . . . . . . . 1.1.2 release

Bugfix release.

A bug was discovered in dirvish error reporting. An error in file handle management resulted in stderr becoming disconnected so that cron jobs would not report some error conditions.

This did not affect error detection and handling in any way. The rsync_error files and the "Status:" field in summary files were still reliable.

An upgrade is recommended.

26 May 2003 . . . . . . . . . . . 1.1.1 release

Checkpoint release.

Improved pattern matching of dirvish-locate. Minor bugfixes.

17 May 2003 . . . . . . . . . . . 1.1 release

Armed Forced Day release.

New Features and Improvments since 1.0

  • Completely reworked and improved error-handling.
  • Installation script.
  • Common code consolidation.
  • New dirvish-locate utility to find versions of files.
  • Compressed log files.
  • Source tree aliases in index file.
  • Much, much more.

Version 1.1 does have two small incompatabilities with 1.0 and earlier versions. READ THE RELEASE NOTES BEFORE UPGRADING.

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