[Dirvish] Files being copied instead of linked

Darren Hook droolio at gmail.com
Sun Jul 21 12:33:55 UTC 2013

On 21 July 2013 12:37, Brian-Imap <Brian_Dorling at t-online.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> my 2TB drive filled up very quickly, seems Dirvish was to "blame"........
> A new vault is having all files copied instead of linked.

When I first started using Dirvish to backup Windows servers, I found I had
to set permissions: 0 in dirvish.conf else it would unlink every file.
(This behaviour may have changed since upgrading cygwin + rsync versions,
and there's probably a more elegant solution, but this does it for me.)

Use faster-dupemerge to relink your existing backups and reclaim space.
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