[Dirvish] Any ideas for improving the front-end?

Joe Emenaker joe at emenaker.com
Mon Jul 1 17:26:21 UTC 2013

Having played with dirvish-locate a bit, I found myself becoming 
impatient with waiting for it to list the files I was after. It dawned 
on me that there might be some value in creating some kind of "indexer" 
which would scan through the dirvish vaults and build/maintain a 
database of all of the files and their metadata to make dirvish-locate 
run faster.

But the possibilities go further than that. It would be nice to be able 
to run some command and see all of the changes for a directory (a little 
like "git status", say). Maybe to see what has changed since the last 
backup *as well as* being able to specify a date in the past and see all 
of the files which have been changed since then. Has there been any 
discussion about developing a set of tools to expand the ability to 
query the vaults?

And, while I'm on the topic, I've noticed that, at the back-end, Dirvish 
seems to be a *lot* like Apple's "Time Machine". Has there been any talk 
about maybe making a GUI front-end to Dirvish for KDE or Gnome?

- Joe

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