[Dirvish] A suggestion for dirvish-expire

J.P. Hendrix jph4dotcom at xs4all.nl
Sun Dec 9 08:52:44 UTC 2012

On 12/06/2012 01:00 PM, dirvish-request at dirvish.org wrote:

> dirvish-expire checks each summary file for the Expires: line and if
> that date is in the past, then removes that image... unless it's the
> last successful image.


I'm curious what version of dirvish-expire you use, as the version I use 
expires the last successful image just as easy as any other old image.

I'm on dirvish-1.2.1-1.2 (Ubuntu) or
$Id: dirvish-expire.pl,v 12.0 2004/02/25 02:42:14 jw Exp $  $Name: 
Dirvish-1_2 $



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