[Dirvish] rsync without ssh

Vortex vortex at versanet.de
Thu Aug 23 09:30:26 UTC 2012

On 08/23/2012 11:06 AM, Ali Jawad wrote:
> Sorry for the confusion, I do NOT want to use SSH with rsync. I got rsync
> working properly between dirvish server and Windows server, my only problem
> left is that I want to configure the config file of the Window server to
> use rsync only without SSH.
> Currently if I run :
> dirvish --vault win --init
> It prompts me for SSH root at windows password

As Jawad said, you'll have to setup the rsync daemon rsyncd and then
have dirvish to use the daemon instead of ssh. The latter is easy, just
enter the corresponding module name from the rsyncd.conf WITH A LEADING
":" in the tree field of your dirvish default.conf:

tree: :modulname/path/

The ":" will result in a "::" for the final rsync command dirvish
generates, telling rsync to use its daemon instead of a remote shell
like ssh.

How to setup rsyncd you'll find many tutorials on the web. Or look into
the Manpages for rsync and rsyncd.conf. If you have further questions
after that, feel free to ask here.

Alas, you'll HAVE to do a little setup work of either rsyncd or ssh.



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