[Dirvish] Init fails on one partition, the largest

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Fri Aug 17 16:25:05 UTC 2012

On Fri 17 Aug 2012, Rich Shepard wrote:
> # dirvish --init --vault salmo-home/

I wouldn't supply a trailing slash... don't know whether it really

> root at's password: 
> Warning: untrusted X11 forwarding setup failed: xauth key data not generated
> Warning: No xauth data; using fake authentication data for X11 forwarding.
> root at's password: 
> root at's password: 
> Connection closed by UNKNOWN
> salmo-home/:default post-client failed (255)
> salmo-home/:default post-server failed (1)

>    Since neither a pre-client/server nor a post-client/server are defined I
> don't know where to find the source of this error or how to fix it.

Not even in the master.conf?
Perhaps you need to show your config files.


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