[Dirvish] Explanation Needed of Error Message [RESOLVED]

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Fri Aug 17 14:04:12 UTC 2012

On Fri 17 Aug 2012, Rich Shepard wrote:
>    Got it figured out: from /media/hd0/ I invoke 'dirvish --init --vault
> <individual_vault_name> and that does the job.

It doesn't matter where you run it from, dirvish looks in
/etc/dirvish/master.conf for the bank locations and searches those for
the specified vault. (Can be more than one bank! The first vault found
thusly is used, I use this to rotate between two backup disks: on even
days one is mounted, on uneven days the other one is mounted, each on
their own mountpoint /backup/0 or /backup/1)

And of course as you're running dirvish commands, you're running the
init command on the backup server -- you don't need anything dirvish on
the to-be-backupped systems, only rsync.

> >   2.) The HOWTO example shows the host name in the init example (but notes
> > that the local IP address can work equally well). That is the bank, not an
> > individual vault within it.

In the config, I would assume? (not having looked at the HOWTO in a very
long time :-)


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