[Dirvish] Question about UIDs and GIDs

Dave Howorth dhoworth at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Thu Aug 16 09:34:40 UTC 2012

Joe Aquilina wrote:
> At 08:42 PM 15/08/2012, you wrote:
>> On Wed 15 Aug 2012, Dave Howorth wrote:
>>> The important take-home message is that the numerical IDs are what
>>> count. The names are just 'sugar' for humans and don't really 
>> mean anything.
>> I feel compelled to mention here that this is valid in dirvish context,
>> as dirvish supplies rsync with the --numeric-ids option; rsync's default
>> is to try to map names on the source and destination.
> I tend to use rsync for copy operations so am I correct in thinking 
> that since the actual backup is done via an rsync with --numeric-ids, 
> it would be best to also do restores using rsync with --numeric-ids?
> Or am I missing something important here?

No, not missing anything. Your suggested way is good.

> Another semi-random thought -  is there any way to (easily) change 
> the default rsync command that dirvish generates for doing the 
> backup? I have real need to do so, I am just wondering if it is possible.

Well the dirvish command-line and/or config files offer some ways to
tune the rsync commands, so you can read the man pages and other info at

Ultimately, dirvish is written in perl, so you can always hack dirvish
itself to change the way it invokes rsync in any way that takes your
fancy. It's generally not necessary, though.

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