[Dirvish] Question about UIDs and GIDs

Joe Aquilina joe_linux at westnet.com.au
Thu Aug 16 06:38:56 UTC 2012

At 08:42 PM 15/08/2012, you wrote:
>On Wed 15 Aug 2012, Dave Howorth wrote:
> >
> > The important take-home message is that the numerical IDs are what
> > count. The names are just 'sugar' for humans and don't really 
> mean anything.
>I feel compelled to mention here that this is valid in dirvish context,
>as dirvish supplies rsync with the --numeric-ids option; rsync's default
>is to try to map names on the source and destination.

I tend to use rsync for copy operations so am I correct in thinking 
that since the actual backup is done via an rsync with --numeric-ids, 
it would be best to also do restores using rsync with --numeric-ids?

Or am I missing something important here?

Another semi-random thought -  is there any way to (easily) change 
the default rsync command that dirvish generates for doing the 
backup? I have real need to do so, I am just wondering if it is possible.


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