[Dirvish] Explanation Needed of Error Message

Dave Howorth dhoworth at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Thu Aug 9 15:08:56 UTC 2012

Rich Shepard wrote:
>    When I logged in this morning I saw messages on the console (prior to my
> logging in) related to /dev/sdb1 but did not write them down. This device is
> my dirvish backup drive (mounted as /media/hd0). /var/log/messages shows
> only:
> Aug  8 00:30:01 salmo kernel: kjournald starting.  Commit interval 5 seconds
> Aug  8 00:30:01 salmo kernel: EXT3-fs (sdb1): using internal journal
> Aug  8 00:30:01 salmo kernel: EXT3-fs (sdb1): mounted filesystem with
> ordered data mode

Are those the only messages concerning sdb1?
Do you have smartd running? If not you should set it up and run a long
test on the drive and post the results.

>    However, only two of six partitions were backed up; a message from root in
> my inbox tells me:
>>From root at appl-ecosys.com Thu Aug  9 00:37:35 2012
> Date: Thu,  9 Aug 2012 00:37:35 -0700 (PDT)
> From: root at appl-ecosys.com
> To: root at appl-ecosys.com
> Subject: cron for user root /root/dirvish-backup.sh
> salmo-usr:default:20120808-2200: cannot open log file /media/hd0/salmo-usr/20120808-2200/log
> cannot open config file: default.conf
> cannot open config file: default.conf

Is that the full content of the email?

Can you access the device from the command line? Can you do an ls?

Please also post the contents of whatever files dirvish has created in
/media/hd0/salmo-usr/20120808-2200 (log, summary, rsync-error?? etc)

Cheers, Dave

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