[Dirvish] Did run out of space cant remove exired images

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Fri Mar 12 11:35:58 UTC 2010

On Thu 11 Mar 2010, Eric Searcy wrote:
> Perhaps it's worth pointing out that if this did happen (let's assume
> disk corruption corrupts the file data), your next backup would "fix"
> the problem because the modified backup file (the inode referenced by
> all the hardlinks in the vaults) no longer matches the source file
> you're backing up---regardless of whether the source file has changed
> or not on the source hard disk.  (If the source file was changed you'd
> get a new copy regardless).

If the data is corrupted without the metadata changing (i.e. size,
timestamp, permissions, etc.) then dirvish / rsync won't detect this by
default. You can engage the checksum option in dirvish to make rsync
verify apparently unchanged files by checksumming all the data; this
will however make the process very slow as all the data has to be read
on both ends.  On the plus side, after such a transfer you can be sure
the data on the backup matches the original.  Use this options once
every while if you're worried about such corruption.

checksum: 1

Put it in the image default.conf, or in the master.conf to enable it for
all images.


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