[Dirvish] [PATCH] btrfs support

Adrian von Bidder avbidder at fortytwo.ch
Mon Dec 13 13:07:09 UTC 2010


On Monday 13 December 2010 13.25:06 Paul Slootman wrote:
> On Sun 12 Dec 2010, Adrian von Bidder wrote:
> > Please consider the attached patch. (against 1.2.1)
> > 
> > Storing the dirvish trees in btrfs snapshots instead of using rsync's
> > --
> > link-deest option makes sense, IMO, because:
> You're forgetting that there still is a LOT more than linux out there.
> Dirvish is used on all sorts of unixen. They don't have the advantage of
> btrfs.
> Hence I'm wondering whether it's advisable to integrate this into
> dirvish, or to create a new tool based on btrfs. After all it's quite a
> different approach to the problem.

The patch changes the code in a few quite small places (to optionally 
replace mkdir / rm -rf by btrfs calls if btrfs option is set), and if the 
"btrfs" option is not switched on, it's a noop.  The default behaviour is 
not changed.

All the rest stays exactly the same, I don't see a big difference.  Dirvish 
still probides the whole framework to call rsync, do logging, error 
handling, expiry, which it does very well.

(And: Isn't ZFS another FS with cow snapshots?  So perhaps I do a variant of 
the patch with an option "cow" that could be empty or set to "btrfs"?)

-- vbi

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