[Dirvish] Expiry problems

Fionn Behrens fionn at spamfilter.de
Mon Nov 10 22:56:30 UTC 2008

Hey all,

this may be an FAQ that I overlooked, I don't know. I have been using
dirvish for several months now and it looks like a was a little too
optimistic on storage requirements.
So I am basically running out of backup space.

Well, I thought changing the expiry rules in master.conf would be all I
need to do, so I changed the default expiry from 21 to 7 days and added
a rule to keep only 3 days of the week for three weeks like before. That
would free up four backup steps per week in week 2 and 3 and get space
requirements balanced again, I suppose

To my surprise the change had no effect on the existing backups which
are not being expired according to the new rules but seem to have kept
their old expiry dates. How can I update the meta data to get them
And are there any simple means to "manually" remove unwanted backup
steps before they are due to expire without compromising the integrity
of the whole vault?

kind regards,

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