[Dirvish] documentation for 'exclude:' -or- *SUCCESS the hard way*

Richard Geoffrion dirvish at rain4us.net
Fri Nov 7 17:10:06 UTC 2008

Dave Howorth wrote:
> <snip the historical post>
> [the paragraph] which begins "Each value must be provided ..." is consistent with what
> you say. So now you know what you were looking for, it's there!
> I agree that it doesn't tell you what you don't need to do, but then it
> doesn't say that you don't need to add "waa-hey" at the end of every
> line either :)
Hmm,  "waa-hey" indeed.   That was funny, btw.  I got a real good 
chuckle.   So I'm sitting here thinking about documentation in general 
and the difficulties that I have with deciphering man pages and 
syntax.   I see that I'm told that each value must be provided, and 
that's great and all, but I still think I've missed the documentation 
about HOW to provide each value.  I do so try to RTFM before asking 
stupid questions and so I try to learn better how (and where) to RTFM.

Speaking of the manual... should "Options whose names with an initial 
capital (ex: Foo) "  read  "Options whose names begin with an initial 
capital (ex: Foo)"  or maybe  "Options with names that begin with an 
initial capital letter (ex: Foo) " ??

> Perhaps there should be a line that explicitly says there are no
> escape/quoting mechanisms. 

Is that a function of the dirvish scripts then -- as opposed to an 
underlying utility such as rsync ?
> I suppose it also means dirvish can't deal
> with filenames that begin or end with a space or that contain an
> embedded newline or any other fun things one might choose to do.
Oh, well.  I'll have to stop using dirvish immediately!!!  all my 
filenames begin with either spaces or dashes,  and yours should too!


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