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dfirth denys.firth at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 10:43:18 UTC 2008

It really is strange. I run dirvish as a cron job hourly on the server and
daily on the backups pc. Why would it "sometimes" create them as owned by
root. I am sure it is when I am running as root on another job. Let me test.

Richard Geoffrion wrote:
> dfirth wrote:
>> You are right that (one of) the problem starts with the rysnc transfer.
>> Strangely, when a windows PC with a "My Documents" folder is rsynced to
>> the
>> backup PC (linux) using basic (cw)rsync, that folder becomes read only
>> for
>> the myname user on the backup PC (unlike all the other regular folders).
>> That read only setting is preserved by dirvish on the image. When dirvish
>> tries to expire that image, it cannot delete the My Documents folder
>> because
>> it is read only.
>> <snip> The other problem is simply that most of the time dirvish creates
>> the images
>> as read/write for myname (my logon name). But every now and then it
>> creates
>> the image as owned by root (so I cannot open it, and dirvish cannot
>> access
>> it next time it runs). <snip the rest>
> I would REALLY encourage you to run dirvish as the root user.    
> Alternatively, look into running a post-server option in your 
> dirvish.conf file (man dirvish.conf).   After your dirvish job runs, you 
> can have dirvish change the permissions for you to whatever you desire.  
> But wait...you  say that dirvish usually creates the images as 
> read/write for your login name..but that *SOMETIMES* it creates them as 
> owned by root?   Are you sure that you are executing dirvish the SAME 
> way each time?  Which images does it create as root?   Is it a weekly 
> cron job that gets created as root?  Are you running your weekly dirvish 
> jobs as root?  Do you see where I'm going with this?  I can't help but 
> feel that you need to review your setup and trace how each dirvish job 
> is running to find where dirvish is being told to run differently.
> It has been my experience that computers only do what they are 
> told....and they do not just do something different for the random heck 
> of it.  (hardware errors not withstanding)
> -- 
> Richard
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