[Dirvish] Purgeing the evil data

Kenneth Lerman Kenneth.Lerman at se-ltd.com
Wed Mar 26 20:51:38 UTC 2008

The space is only wasted if it is needed.

You might discover that it will just expire out of the system before the 
space it is using becomes an issue.


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> Petcher, Daniel wrote:
>> This is kinda' a n00b question, but I think some people might be in the 
>> same
>> boat with me from time to time....
>> I see that there is a pile of data in my Dirvish archives that I should 
>> have
>> excluded from backup. It's been sitting in my vault for months and it's
>> wasting a heap o' disk space.
>> Is there a simple command that will unlink ALL the hard-links to a file 
>> and
>> remove its data, or do I need to do something like this to iterate 
>> through
>> all my images:
> You know... I wrote a script to do that.   Visit
> http://wiki.dirvish.org/index.cgi?DirvishPrune for what *I* do.
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