[Dirvish] Purgeing the evil data

Richard Geoffrion dirvish at rain4us.net
Wed Mar 26 20:36:06 UTC 2008

Petcher, Daniel wrote:
> This is kinda' a n00b question, but I think some people might be in the same
> boat with me from time to time....
> I see that there is a pile of data in my Dirvish archives that I should have
> excluded from backup. It's been sitting in my vault for months and it's
> wasting a heap o' disk space.
> Is there a simple command that will unlink ALL the hard-links to a file and
> remove its data, or do I need to do something like this to iterate through
> all my images:
You know... I wrote a script to do that.   Visit 
http://wiki.dirvish.org/index.cgi?DirvishPrune for what *I* do.


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