[Dirvish] Does Windows rsync work with Dirvish?

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Tue Mar 25 18:23:59 UTC 2008

On Tue 25 Mar 2008, Brian wrote:
> Here is a default.conf from Dirvish:
> client: 
> tree: :Dat 

> The colon ":" before Dat tells it not to use SSH.

Actually, it indicates an rsync module defined for the rsync daemon
running on the client; it has nothing to do with choosing between ssh
and rsh.

This is actually an "automagical" thing:

    rsync [options] client:tree /localtree

This will do ssh by default. If "tree" begins with a colon, then it

    rsync [options] client::tree /localtree

and then rsync interprets "tree" to be an rsync module.
Dirvish does _nothing_ special with the colon; rsync does.

To use rsh instead of ssh, in the config, do:

rsh: /bin/rsh

This will tell dirvish to explicitly pass "-e /bin/rsh" as an option to
rsync, otherwise rsync will default to ssh (at least, any reasonably
recent version will, and if you use an older version, you should upgrade
for all sorts of reasons!).

Paul Slootman

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