[Dirvish] Does Windows rsync work with Dirvish?

Brian brian_dorling at t-online.de
Tue Mar 25 17:28:20 UTC 2008

Petcher, Daniel wrote:
> I've been trying to play with the rsync command and --rsh=rsh, (just among
> Linux servers to keep things simple at first) but I've had no luck at all.
> I can't even successfully do a rsh <hostname> to talk to another server. I'm
> running SlackWare Linux 11 on most of my servers. Do I have to set-up some
> sort of rsh.conf file somewhere? Do I have to open a port by un-commenting a
> line in my /etc/inetd.conf file?
> -dP
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> Petcher, Daniel wrote:
>> Currently, I mount the drives as samba shares and set the "whole-file: 1"
>> parameter to save time, but I hope I can do better.
> If you can afford the lack of encryption (and given that you run Samba now,
> you can) you should be able to run standard dirvish as it comes out of the
> box, by using rsh instead of ssh for transport. The cygwin rsh daemon worked
> fine for me, as long as Vista doesn't enter the picture.
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Well I'll really out myself here.........

I run dirvish between various machines in my local LAN, and I use no 
encryption at all. Two of the machines backed up by dirvish every day 
are Win XP machines and it works perfectly. The trick is the following:

Here is a default.conf from Dirvish:


tree: :Dat 

xdev: 0 

index: gzip 

image-default: %Y%m%d-%H%M 




The colon ":" before Dat tells it not to use SSH.
I have no idea whether cwrsync can support rsh or not.

Cheers Brian

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