[Dirvish] [Bulk] Re: Full backup every time

Eric Mountain em-dirvish-1 at nerim.net
Sun Mar 23 10:01:46 UTC 2008

On Sunday 23 Mar 2008, Doug.Hill at sonydadc.com spake thus:
> Yes, dirvish is being ran as root. I have a user that I created called
> "backupuser". In my sudoers file, I have the user "backupuser" set to be
> ran as root without a password via "sudo". The contents of my rsync-new
> file...


If you could post the output of stat for one of your files being backed up 
(and that is being duplicated in each backup when you expect a hardlink to be 
made instead):
	- stat of the master copy
	- stat of the file in one backup
	- stat of the file in another backup

This should help see why rsync is not creating hardlinks...

Eric Mountain

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