[Dirvish] Purgeing the evil data

Eric Mountain em-dirvish-1 at nerim.net
Fri Mar 21 22:43:26 UTC 2008

On Friday 21 Mar 2008, Petcher, Daniel spake thus:
> Is there a simple command that will unlink ALL the hard-links to a file and

The implementations of hard links I know of use reference counting in the 
inode associated with the file data.  As such, it isn't possible to know 
which directories have entries that point to this inode, only how many do so.

So no, no simple command...

> remove its data, or do I need to do something like this to iterate through
> all my images:
> for X in 'ls -1'
> do
>    rm -r $X/tree/path/to/evil/data
> done

Looks correct.  And simple enough. ;-)

Eric Mountain

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