[Dirvish] [Bulk] Re: Full backup every time

Jon Radel jon at radel.com
Sat Mar 22 19:28:29 UTC 2008

Bernd Haug wrote:
> Doug.Hill at sonydadc.com wrote:
>> As you can see, each backup is the same size!?! Jens - did you find a 
>> solution to your problem? I am backing up 13 servers, some debian, some 
>> Suse, some Ubuntu. In each case, it is the same deal. This leads me to 
>> think that it is on the drivish server side... Here is my summary file 
>> from "deathstar" for my most recent backup.... I use 
>> "/usr/sbin/dirvish-runall" to run my backups for all 13 servers.
> It would be interesting, for each of you, what kind of file system the 
> backups are being copied to...if your target filesystem does not accept 
> hard links, it's a tough problem for dirvish.

And while we're at it, the log file matching that summary file to give a
bit more information on what rsync did.

And which version of rsync is /usr/local/bin/rsync-new anyway?

--Jon Radel
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