[Dirvish] Full backup every time

Jens Lang jenslang at yahoo.de
Sat Mar 22 14:06:30 UTC 2008

Kenneth Lerman schrieb:
> I believe that in the past, someone reported a similar problem. The cause 
> wound up being that he was doing a --init every backup.
> That isn't your problem, is it?
Well, no. The command I'm launching is "/usr/sbin/dirvish --vault myvault".
> Could you post the "summary" file from one of these backups?
This is one of my summary files:
> client: xxx at myclient
> tree: /home/xxx
> rsh: ssh
> Server: myserver
> Bank: /var/backups/dirvish/mybank
> vault: myvault
> branch: default
> Image: 2008-03-21_18.18
> Reference: 2008-03-20_11.18
> Image-now: 2008-03-21 18:18:16
> Expire: +14 days == 2008-04-04 18:18:16
> exclude:
>         *.iso
>         *~
>         *.tmp
>         *.bak
>         cache
>         Cache
>         /tmp
>         .gnupg
>         *.vmdk
> SET permissions devices numeric-ids stats xdev
> UNSET checksum init sparse whole-file zxfer
> ACTION: rsync -vrltH --delete -pgo --stats -D --numeric-ids -x
> --exclude-from=/var/backups/dirvish/mybank/myvault/2008-03-21_18.18/exclude-from=/var/backups/dirvish/mybank/myvault/2008-03-21_18.18/exclude
> --link-dest=/var/backups/dirvish/mybank/myvault/2008-03-20_11.18/tree
> xxx at myclient:/home/xxx/
> /var/backups/dirvish/mybank/myvault/2008-03-21_18.18/tree
> Backup-begin: 2008-03-21 18:18:16
> Backup-complete: 2008-03-21 19:09:54
> Status: success
Thanks for your help!


> Ken
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> Keith Lofstrom schrieb:
>>>> what could be the reason that dirvish make a full backup every time I
>>>> start the backup? I am running the lates Ubuntu on both, client and
>>>> server.
>> On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 05:24:46PM -0400, Kenneth Lerman wrote:
>>> It is supposed to.
>> Ken's reply is true, but you might want a little more information
>> than that.  Dirvish uses rsync to create full and complete images.
>> On the server disk, there should be a succession of complete images.
>> Rsync uses unix/linux hard links to share data file information; if
>> a file does not change, there may be many links to it, but it is only
>> stored on the backup disk once.  Thus, a 500GB disk can store what
>> appears to be hundreds of 200GB images - only the changed files and
>> the directory information is added for each successive image.  For
>> example, I have a 500GB backup disk with about 150 images on it,
>> each apparently 200GB, and I have used only 350GB of it.  By using
>> the "branch" feature of dirvish, files that are identical on many
>> different machines can also share data space.
> Yes, I know that it is supposed to do a full backup every time. Maybe my
> wording was not exact. On my system it transfers the whole directory
> every time (e. g. a large photo collection). These files never change.
> And, of course, they use disk space on the backup disk.
>> This is true in the ideal case.  In reality, big files with little
>> changes ( rotating-name logs, mbox mail folders, vmware images)
>> will chew up disk pretty fast.  Use "dateext" for logrotate,
>> Maildir format for mail repositories, and samba links to linux
>> filespace from smaller vmware images to minimize the big file
>> changes getting backed up.  Use dirvish-expire to manage storage.
>> And look on the mailing list archives, the wiki, and the many
>> FAQs and writeups created by other dirvish users for more hints.
>> If after doing all these things, dirvish is creating huge images
>> and not using hardlinks, filling up your backup disk too fast, there
>> may be other problems.  The helpful people on this list can help
>> after you have made an effort characterize your problem.
> The thing is that I have no idea how to find the cause. With another
> computer it runs absolutely fine. I even don't know whether to search on
> the client or on the server side.
> The file system (for the backup) is ext3. I checked the size of the
> directory with du–all backups have nearly 40 gb (except those who have
> been interrupted). The remaining disk size (checked with df) decreases
> by the same amount. I did not check the inode numbers, but I think the
> decreasing disk size is proof enough.
> On my client I am running a normal rsync server (version 2.6.9). The
> server has enough rights to access the files.
> I suppose that it for some reason thinks the file has changed although
> it hasn't. But why? The file size and the date doesn't change.
> Jens
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