[Dirvish] Full backup every time

Petcher, Daniel danielp at audioprecision.com
Fri Mar 21 21:58:41 UTC 2008

Things are not as they appear. Files in today's backup that haven't changed
since yesterday are merely hard-linked, so they take no significant disk

Go to the directory that contains all of your daily dirvish images for a
particular server, and try this:

# du -csh *

My server reports:
2.6G    20080308
8.5M    20080309
2.2M    20080310
3.7M    20080311
3.7M    20080312
3.7M    20080313
3.7M    20080314
12M     20080315
3.7M    20080316
16M     20080317
3.7M    20080318
3.7M    20080319
11M     20080320
11M     20080321
12K     dirvish
2.7G    total

Now try:
# du -csh 20080320

My server reports:
2.6G    20080320
2.6G    total

But wait... just above it told me that the 20080320 backup only took 11M.
That's because in the first du command, most of the files had already been
counted in their earlier directories

Check-out the Dirvish FAQ list at http://dirvish.org/FAQ.html or Keith L's
PowerPoint presentation. It will make more sense once you get used to it.


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what could be the reason that dirvish make a full backup every time I start
the backup? I am running the lates Ubuntu on both, client and server.

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