[Dirvish] Is this a dumb idea? rsync without ssh

Shawn (Red Mop) redmopml at comcast.net
Wed Mar 5 23:27:55 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 05 March 2008 03:39:59 pm Petcher, Daniel wrote:
> I greatly appreciate your offer, Keith, but it wouldn't be practical in
> this situation.
> I need to keep the old machine running 24 x 7 (it's also a Samba file
> server) until the new one is fully operational. The new machine's data
> array is already a SCSI-attached 3U cage full of SATA-II drives (so I don't
> really need to borrow another cage.)
> The new machine only uses the motherboard-controlled hard drive for booting
> and a swap-file, and it only uses the 12 TB drive array (9 TB after its
> internal RAID-6 controller boosts reliability and performance at the
> expense of space) for data storage.
> When I started the migration project, I decided that I couldn't afford to
> bring the old server down long enough to connect & disconnect the SCSI
> array twice, so I took a couple of spare Gbit NICs and a cross-over cable
> to connect the hosts. Now I can move my data over a private "network" while
> the old server continues to serve the LAN's requests. While the data moves
> in the background, I am also working on configuring the NFS and Samba
> shares I'll want on the new server. Nobody has complained about the
> diminished performance of the old server... yet. If they do complain, I'll
> re-nice the rsync to a lower priority or something.
> It just chafes me a little that I'm wasting CPU cycles on both sides with
> encryption when I absolutely trust the security of my link. I suppose I
> could have asked my rsync question on a more directly rsync-related site,
> but I didn't want to have to explain Dirvish to those folks.
> -dP

Since you have that crossover link, why not setup rsync to run as a daemon on 
the originating server listening only on the crossover network and rsync that 
way?  You won't lose any work you've already done, and yet it bypasses ssh's 
encryption.  Maye sure you use "chroot", "listen", perhaps "hosts allow", and 
when you sync, don't use compression.

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