[Dirvish] implementing new dirvish features

Richard Geoffrion dirvish at rain4us.net
Thu Nov 15 16:36:30 UTC 2007

Dave Howorth wrote:
>> I implement this through passing different --config parameters to
>> dirvish-runall.
>> dirvish-expire however, has no such option, so I end up calling
>> dirvish-expire on all the vaults in a bank, even though I really don't
>> want to.
> Why does it matter if dirvish-expire scans some extra vaults? I don't
> think it takes long if there's nothing to expire.
Because sometimes one does not WANT to expire everything....just the 
vaults in ONE bank.

I too have used the command

  cd {BANK}; for X in * ; do dirvish-expire --vault $X ; done

QUITE frequently.

Now, if your argument is that one should be using expire rules, then 
consider the situation where one is adjusting said expire rules and 
needs to kick off an 'out-of-band' expire on JUST the vaults in the bank 
where the expire rules have been changed.

It would be nice to be able to specify a particular bank to expire.


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