[Dirvish] Runall Fails

Dave Howorth dhoworth at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Mon Nov 12 10:39:23 UTC 2007

Arno Wald wrote:
> Kenneth Lerman wrote:
>> Today is 2007-11-11, so I wouldn't think that the existence of 20071110
>> would matter.
> You should be able to run dirvish multiple times per day. The name of 
> the image (or whatever it is called) should contain the timestamp hh:mm, 
> too. Here e.g. 20070513-12:01

The word 'should' is a little strong here. Whether you can or not
depends on how you configure your system, so the correct word is 'may'
IMHO. And if you've configured it in the way suggested in at least some
of the docs for doing daily backups, the image name *doesn't* contain
hh:mm and you *can't* use runall multiple times per day. That's a design
feature of the configuration, discussed in the docs. By default it will
force the recorded dump time to 22:00 of the previous day, in order to
accomodate the usual case of the overnight cron job being run after
midnight but still have an appropriate date recorded.

The bottom line is that yes, the existence of a valid 2007-11-10 image
will prevent you running runall again on 2007-11-11, if you've
configured your system for daily backups in the same way I have,
following the docs.

The question is, if you've already got a valid image, why would you
*want* to have runall run again?

Cheers, Dave

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