[Dirvish] Hauntingly similar to Dirvish

Bernd Haug haug at berndhaug.net
Sun Nov 11 16:24:04 UTC 2007

Jon Radel wrote:
> Bernd Haug wrote:
>> I'm not sure if you've been using Macs; but /I/ simply think that they
>> should start at writing one decent file system for that thing - i.e.,
>> the basics - before going overboard with luxury items like hyper-modern
>> backup systems.
> ZFS is coming....

Judging by my own experience, as soon as something unexpected happens,
chances are Apple software will throw away user data in easily
recoverable situations. Not to mention that I've repeatedly lost data
after simple updates. I'm not just talking about HFS+, but also iCal,
Mail, iPhoto, Finder(!), ...

As great as it is, ZFS doesn't help if other links in the chain
routinely break.

Dear fellow Mac users on this list: Save early, safe often.

Yours, Bernd

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