[Dirvish] Hauntingly similar to Dirvish

Eric Smith eric at trueblade.com
Sun Nov 11 00:11:12 UTC 2007

We should feel validated.

While the GUI is indeed awesome, the big difference for me is the usage 
of FSEvents so that only files (really directories) that have been 
modified are scanned.  For filesystems with many thousands of 
directories, this is a gigantic win.  The other big win is hard links to 
directories.  I'm not sure it would be possible to add either of these 
features into dirvish and/or rysnc.  At least I haven't thought of a way.


Petcher, Daniel wrote:
> Is it just my mis-perception, or is this new Apple Time Machine
> (http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/timemachine.html) backup I hear
> described in their new "Leopard" OS (not to mention the barely-developed
> Linux clone called Flyback - http://code.google.com/p/flyback/) eerily
> familiar?
> Sure, they've got a pretty Apple-style GUI, some logic added to skip cache
> files, pre-configure the expiration process. and resume after a shut-down,
> but it's essentially the same idea we've been using for years.
> I'm not sure whether to feel validated or ripped-off. What do you think?
> -dP
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