[Dirvish] Dirvish Status Reports

Andrew Crawford Andrew at Evermore.com
Wed May 2 18:17:34 PDT 2007

Richard Geoffrion wrote:
> Andrew Crawford wrote:
>> It occurred to me that it would be nice to have
>> some sort of notification about the outcome of the nightly backup jobs,

>> Is there a better solution for this?

> There may be.   The Wiki is locked down at the moment, so I can't update
> the dirvish-notify script, but I'll email you off-list with a script
> that you can use.   When the wiki is up...I try to remember to update it.

Thank you.  The script is much appreciated.  After a few minor
modifications (changing date format to match my backups, adding the full
path to everything in the reporting loop), it mostly works.

One thing I noticed, both with one of the scripts on the wiki and, with
your script, is that it seems to reference files in /tmp to get
information on the last run (FILE=/tmp/backup-$DATE.txt and
tmpfile=/tmp/dirvish.status.$$).  Those files (and anything similar) do
not exist on any of the systems where I have dirvish working (both
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS and Mandriva systems).  How are they created?  Is there
an undocumented configuration item or a command line flag that makes
them appear?  Or is it just the redirected output of the runall cron
job?  Extensive searching of the dirvish.org site with Google does not
yield their secret.

The information those files appears to provide is not critical.  I just
feel left out. ;)

Andrew Crawford

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