[Dirvish] Backing up Windows: Currently broken (current cwRsync & current Cygwin)?

Bernd Haug haug at berndhaug.net
Fri Jun 22 20:26:42 UTC 2007

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On 22.06.2007, at 15:17, Richard Geoffrion wrote:
> are you SURE??  Every OSX backup I do is a FULL backup courtesy of  
> Apple's metadata.  I'll ensure my test mac is up to 10.4.9 and try  
> again.

I had the tiny and fast backups that we all love dirvish for.
Daily backup sets were quite small, especially since I switched to  
Mail.app and didn't backup the whole mail archive every time as with  
Thunderbird pseudo-mbox.

The whole affair took about a minute a day of real time for  

This didn't start with Tiger.9 either. I'd guess I had this running  
at least since .7...

The exact command I used was fixed in the key (obvious security  
reasons), so I still have it:
rsync --server --sender -vlHogDtprx --numeric-ids . /Users/my-home

which rsync => the standard Apple rsync in /usr/bin.

My home is a Filevault, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't help; if  
anything, the opposite. ;)

Hope that helps. If your problems persist, feel free to contact me on- 
list or off-list, depending on direct relevance.

>> His wife's laptop (Windows XP Pro) doesn't do the job, neither  
>> with  the rsync from cwRsync nor with the current Cygwin version  
>> (2.6  series)
> Have you thought about doing an smbmount of an smb share and  
> backing up the data that way?

For a short while we pondered it, yes - but that would completely  
destroy the benefits from rsync, and potentially kill the hardlink- 
detection. I'd really like to get it running as it /should/ work.

Yours, Bernd

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