[Dirvish] File too large errors

Tom tomf at got.net
Wed Feb 7 13:02:21 PST 2007

Using dirvish to backup multiple hosts, one particular host has to files that exceed 2g in size. I receive the following error:

rsync: send_files failed to open "/local/notes data/mail/efcik.nsf": File too large (27)

My backup system is Debian Sarge and backs up other hosts which often include files larger than 4g in size.
The host that contains these two files exceeding 2g is a Suse 9.x system. 

I have upgraded the rsync on the Suse 9.x host to 2.6.9. This did not change the problem.

Are there any transfer options for rsync that might help this issue?
Any other ideas?



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