[Dirvish] Dirvish backup controlled by client?

Frank Lüken flueken at tvt.upb.de
Wed Dec 19 15:57:42 UTC 2007

Thanks for your help!

But i find a solution that works... 
At the server runs a cronjob every minute. The cronjob looks in a directory if there is an file "vaultname". This file is the default.conf for the given vault with the current ip-address inside. So the cronjob runs dirvish (as root) with this config. The directory is writeable for each laptop user. If now someone will start a backup he can local run a script which build and transfers the vaultfile to the server and within a minute the dirvish runs.

Grez. Frank

Noel Kelly wrote ..
> "Frank L��������������������������"
> wrote:
> > My first idea was to give each laptop user a way to info the server about
> his ip and to trigger the backup process for this laptop, but until now
> i find no way to get this work.
> Frank - perhaps what you need is a Dynamic DNS (DDNS) setup where the 
> laptops automatically get added to the DNS server when they request an
> IP fro the DHCP server?  As long as you make the lease time something 
> short then the records will all expire when the laptop leaves the 
> network or just purge the names at the end of each day?
> If they are in DNS then you can refer in your dirvish to the laptops by
> hostname and maybe have something like a script that tries to ping each
> one.  If it gets a reply then it kicks off the dirvish job?  Or just run
> dirvish-runall every hour and if the laptop is connected it gets backed
> up and if not then better luck next time?
> Just an idea - not got a working model!
> Noel
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