[Dirvish] Dirvish not creating incremental backups properly

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Mon Aug 27 13:52:46 UTC 2007

On Mon 27 Aug 2007, Doug.Hill at sonydadc.com wrote:
> I have had dirvish working for the past month. I love it! However, 
> recently I started running out of space. I deleted all of my incremental 
> backups, and kept my "init" backup, in which I have set to "never expire". 

Note that each dirvish backup is not an incremental backup in the
tradional sense... Each backup is complete in its own right.

Also, as dirvish refers to the last successful backup image made as the
target to link against, each successively older backup image is less
useful as the contents are more and more out of date.

> Now, every time I run dirvish-runall, I get a full backup each day. I have 

That's because dirvish looks up the latest backup in the
dirvish/default.hist (history) file, and uses the path to that as the
rsync --link-dest; however, you deleted that image and hence there's
nothing to link to...

When cleaning up by hand, you should always leave at least the *newest*
image intact. You could of course remove the history lines with an
editor if you must remove the latest.

> deleted by initial backup, and created a new one. Still, each day, I get 
> full backups. I have upgraded to the newest rsync, with the same problems. 

You did a dirvish --init? And you're sure that was successful?
If so, then it's unclear what the problem is...

Paul Slootman

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