[Dirvish] dirvish-expire might delete your most recent backups

Tony waterwingz at sbcglobal.net
Sat Aug 25 21:44:22 UTC 2007

By design, dirvish-expire will not delete your most recent backup image
if it is the only image left in the vault, regardless of whether the
image is ready to expire or not.

However,  if there are older images in the vault (perhaps set to never
expire) and your most recent backup is past its expiry date then
dirvish-expire will delete it !  This can leave you without a recent

Normally this might not happen but I have a system that I only backup
once a week - retaining the backups for a month.  Recently I ran into an
issue where I was travelling and the system was turned off.  Eventually,
dirvish-expire started deleting my recent backups and I was left with
only a really old image.

I suppose it should be possible to modify dirvish-expire to not delete
the most current backup regardless of its expiry date.  However, I took
another route, as I use Daniel Petcher's technique of having a post
execution script to maintain symbolic links to the two more recent
backups (search the wiki for details).   I thus modified dirvish-expire
to look for those links and if found,  to ignore the expiry dates for
those archives.

Here's the diff file of what I did to dirvish-expire.pl :

< 	$$Options{quiet} or printf "%-15s %-15s %-16.16s  %s\n",
> ## 20070825 - don't allow backups tagged current or recent to be
> 	$recent = readlink( substr($$expire{path},0,-8)."recent") ;
> 	$current = readlink( substr($$expire{path},0,-8)."current") ;
> 	if (($recent eq $$expire{path}."/tree") || ($current eq
> 	{
> 		$$Options{quiet} or printf "%-15s %-15s %-16.16s  %s <- ignored
(recent or current)\n",
> 			$$expire{vault} . ':' .  $$expire{branch},
> 			$$expire{image},
> 			$created,
> 			$expired;
> 		next;
> 	}
> ## 20070825 - don't allow backups tagged current or recent to be
> 	$$Options{quiet} or printf "%-15s %-15s %-16.16s  %s \n",

I realize this solves an obscure issue but it might help somebody. 

Note : the use of substr to truncate the vault address is a bit of a
hack (it assumes the backups are always stored in 8 digit yyyymmdd
subdirectories).  I have a version that uses 
	$path =~ s/\/[A-Za-z0-9]+$/\/tree/ ;
to do the same thing more generically but the resulting code is actually
a little harder to read IMHO.


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