[Dirvish] Offsite Disks

Jack Coats jcoats at vcch.com
Fri Aug 24 17:11:54 UTC 2007

I understand.  But I was hoping that you could have the entire device
encrypted, not just the files on the file system.  This way (with my weak
understanding of how it REALLY works) it would seem that rsync would just
see it as files on another file system and could rsync from one disk
(un-encrypted) to the USB (encrypted) disk easily.

I guess we need to snag a external USB drive and try it out!

seems to have some encite on making an encrypted partition.  Again, I have
not tested. ... Just a thougth! (yes this is an Ubuntu oriented link, but
that is what we are running at work)

On Thu, August 23, 2007 6:10 pm, Steve Ramage wrote:
> Apparently 2.6 has some good support for crypto devices, and pretty
> decent speed. Encryption won't help much with offsite disks, as the
> other computer would still have access to the unencrypted data. You
> could ofcourse encrypt the entire device and send it over, however
> because of avalanching, rsync probably would end up copying the
> complete  image over again, even if just one file changed.
> Jack Coats wrote:
>> [snip]
>>> Perhaps there is some
>>> good way to encrypt the offsite storage to reduce risks.
>>> Any comments?
>>> Keith
>> how about linux encrypted file system on the usb drive?  Just a thought.
>> No, I have not tried it.
>> ... Jack
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