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Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Thu Aug 23 18:44:14 UTC 2007

Offsite backups -

In my residential neighborhood near Portland Oregon, bandwidth has been
improving steadily.  Four years ago, the cable television company began
offering internet service, which is currently 4MB download, 384K upload. 
Now the telephone company is installing fiber optic internet service
(FIOS), with 5MB download 2MB upload, for 20% less per month, or
15/4 for 70% more.

With my current 4MB/s download speed, I back up two offsite systems,
an office machine in Portland and my main server in Dallas Texas,
3000km away.  If I change to FIOS, I will have enough upload bandwidth
to consider doing offsite backups from my home office machines to an
offsite server, perhaps with a nearby friend like Brian Martin.  
However, rsync tolerates latency well, so I could make the offsites
anywhere in the world, timezones and peak usage hours permitting.

Perhaps some dirvish users can find other dirvish users to partner
with, and perform offsite backups to each other's machines.  This 
will require a lot of trust, and perhaps some mutual verification
of each other's security procedures.  However, it would make offsite
backups easier to do, and a lot more robust.  Perhaps there is some
good way to encrypt the offsite storage to reduce risks.  

Any comments?


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