[Dirvish] Creating Backups with image-default: %Y%m%d/%Y%m%d-%H_%M

Johannes Kastl ojkastl at gmx.de
Wed Aug 22 17:27:42 UTC 2007


I just tried to create backups of very often changing data. I wanted to
create a backup every minute, but that way I get many directories. So I
thought I would put them into


I went on and tried:

image-default: %Y%m%d/%Y%m%d-%H_%M

Which ended in an error, cos obviously dirvish does not use the -p
Option of mkdir, so it cannot create more than one directory at once. It
worked well after I manually created that directory, but tomorrow it
will fail again.

How to solve that? How to tell dirvish to create two directories the
first time it runs on a day (e.g. 20070822 and 20070822/1930 need to be

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