[Dirvish] Keep a smaller backup offsite?

Chris Dunning chris at bluenoteweb.com
Sun Mar 19 08:59:22 EST 2006

I use Dirvish to back up all of the computers in my shop to a server in 
the shop.  I've recently purchased some new computers and some new disks 
so I'm still working out the kinks on how far back to store those 
backups, but it's looking like about 30 days.

The only thing that worries me about this setup is some sort of physical 
catastrophe in the shop - fire, tornado, breakin, etc - that wipes out 
all of the computers AND the backup server, leaving me with nothing to 
restore from.  I'd like to keep a copy of those backups off-site 
somewhere (probably my house) but not necessarily 30 days worth.  I 
think if I had 10 days off backups off-site I'd be more than happy.

My biggest roadblock is the networking.  I can't SSH directly to all of 
the computers in the shop.  I only have one publicly accessible IP for 
each location (home and shop) that connects to a router.  All of the 
machines in each location can access each other across the local 
network, but across the greater internet I can only hit the one machine 
set up with port forwarding on the router.

Probably there's an RSYNC switch somewhere that I can use but I'm not 
expert on this, maybe someone here can help me out.  The idea is:

-each night @11 PM the shop server backs up all computers in the shop, 
rotating images, storing 30 days worth of backups
-each morning @ 2 AM (allowing more than enough time for the shop backup 
to complete) the server here at the house connects to the shop server 
and rsyncs the latest images from each vault, only storing 10 days' worth.

Alternately, could I set up Dirvish to automatically connect from my 
house to the shop server, then from there to the other machines in turn, 
storing completely separate images?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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