[Dirvish] Trouble with expiring

Richard Geoffrion dirvish at rain4us.net
Wed Mar 15 20:17:10 EST 2006

Shawn Perry wrote:

>You only want to keep your weeklys about one week after your dailys?
>On Wednesday 15 March 2006 03:54 pm, Richard Geoffrion wrote:
>>        #MIN    Hour    Day     Month   DOW     Expire
>>        *       *       *       *       *       +31 days #daily
>>        *       *       *       *       1       +5 weeks #weekly
>>        *       *       1       *       *       +1 year  #monthly
>>        *       *       1       1       *       never    #yearly
>>Good luck, Shawn!

Well, a GFS rotation for with 21 tapes would give one the granularity of 
going back 4 days, then 5 weekly tapes, and then up to 12 monthlies.  
This has been acceptible for many years.  Dirvish does allow one a bit 
more leeway provided that the data being backed up can be retained for 
that length of time.

As it so happens, the majority of  many of my vaults wind up being 
databases files or database backups which....are different every night 
and eat away at storage quickly.    That said, you are correct in that I 
should be able to configure more retention time on the vault that backs 
up the home directories and other non 'huge' data.  I will be sure to do 
that as I finish up and finalize my dirvish setup.    I could go with 60 
days of daily backups  and 16 weeks of weekly sets (keeping all 
monthlies of course.)

Is it daily / dailies, weekly/weeklies, monthly/monthlies?  It's late 
and that just seems strange.  Dailies??  Makes me think of flowers or 
those little white things on coffee tables.

Thanks again.


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