[Dirvish] Expire or Archive?

Shawn Perry redmopml at comcast.net
Wed Mar 15 17:20:36 EST 2006

Currently, I am learning how Dirvish works, and I am only backing up my 
personal machine, so I expire currently.

Once I learn how Dirvish works a little better, I'll start to use it at work 
with longer expire periods for user data (/home or /Documents and Settings 
and maybe parts of /var)  I'm thinking a year, maybe more, maybe less.  The 
rest will stay around about a month or so.


On Wednesday 15 March 2006 02:10 pm, Steve Ramage wrote:
> I use expire alot probably because I'm too lazy to move hard drives. I'm
> sure this has been mentioned before, but the one thing Dirvish has been
> invaluable for is my USB Drives, except that the expire rules need to be
> smarter, and if a backup that would have had a 'longer' life fails than the
> one previously, the previous good image should inherit it.
> Just a suggestion.
> Keith Lofstrom wrote:
> >As always, I'm grateful that there are helpful folks on this list
> >who can guide new dirvish users like Shawn.  Thanks!
> >
> >I could not answer his expire question, because I don't use it myself.
> >I rotate drives, and when they fill up I retire them to archival
> >storage and build new drives.   I do this about once a year.  That
> >means I have daily images all the way back to dirvish day 1.  I have
> >gone back to the archives a few times;  sometimes the history of files
> >tells me about the history of a project.
> >
> >I worry that the cheap IDE drives that many of us use for dirvish may
> >not last very long, and thus long term usage with expires may put the
> >earliest archival copies at risk.  On the other hand, a drive sitting
> >in storage may suffer from bit rot;  the magnetic information may
> >decay if it is not actively rewritten from time to time.  On the
> >third hand(!), files may get lost off of active drives, too.  Rebuilding
> >new dirvish drives from time to time means that all files are getting
> >completely copied.
> >
> >How many of you are running expire, and how many are just archiving
> >drives?  The expire feature is important and needs active development,
> >but that will require contributions and testing by people that use the
> >expire.  It is difficult to test if you don't normally use it!
> >
> >Keith
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