[Dirvish] Expire or Archive?

Steve Ramage dirvishusersspammedme at sjrx.net
Wed Mar 15 16:10:33 EST 2006

I use expire alot probably because I'm too lazy to move hard drives. I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but the one thing Dirvish has been invaluable for is my USB Drives, except that the expire rules need to be smarter, and if a backup that would have had a 'longer' life fails than the one previously, the previous good image should inherit it.

Just a suggestion.

Keith Lofstrom wrote:

>As always, I'm grateful that there are helpful folks on this list
>who can guide new dirvish users like Shawn.  Thanks!
>I could not answer his expire question, because I don't use it myself.
>I rotate drives, and when they fill up I retire them to archival
>storage and build new drives.   I do this about once a year.  That
>means I have daily images all the way back to dirvish day 1.  I have
>gone back to the archives a few times;  sometimes the history of files
>tells me about the history of a project.
>I worry that the cheap IDE drives that many of us use for dirvish may
>not last very long, and thus long term usage with expires may put the
>earliest archival copies at risk.  On the other hand, a drive sitting
>in storage may suffer from bit rot;  the magnetic information may
>decay if it is not actively rewritten from time to time.  On the
>third hand(!), files may get lost off of active drives, too.  Rebuilding
>new dirvish drives from time to time means that all files are getting
>completely copied.
>How many of you are running expire, and how many are just archiving
>drives?  The expire feature is important and needs active development,
>but that will require contributions and testing by people that use the
>expire.  It is difficult to test if you don't normally use it!

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