[Dirvish] Expire or Archive?

Richard Geoffrion dirvish at rain4us.net
Wed Mar 15 15:36:30 EST 2006

Paul Slootman wrote:

><snip> Default expiry is about 10 days, resulting in about 90% disk
>usage in the backup systems. Images with much volatile data (web server
>logs, for example) have shorter expiries.
Does performance suffer with the 'fillage' at 90%?

><more snippage>
>Using S.M.A.R.T. tools to let the IDE disks execute selftests
>(preferably at idle times) is very useful, 
Unfortunately, I've been unsuccessful in reading my SMART settings for 
the SATA II drives that I'm using via my 3Ware RAID card.  And let me 
tell you, I've had five drive failures in two years across 20 
Maxtor-Maxline PlusII 250gig'ers!

>Actually, I think the expiry feature is pretty stable as it is.
>One thing that might be an improvement is some way of expiring images
>depending on available disk space, so that you don't need to tune it by
THAT could get dangerous.  there would have to be an override/protect 
feature for SURE!!!


:)  or something like that.

or..or... on the  expire-rule line, put in an option to flag it as 
expendable.  +2weeks,E

but then....I'm sure there are 17 ways to do it.


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