[Dirvish] Trouble with expiring

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Wed Mar 15 15:16:22 EST 2006

On Wed 15 Mar 2006, Richard Geoffrion wrote:

> Can someone verify that I understand this correctly?  I could not find 
> documentation on the meaning of these column headings, but my best guess 
> is...
> MIN = Minutes
> HR = Hour
> DOM = Day of Month
> MON= Numeric value of month (January=1, December=12)
> DOW= Numeric Day of week (Sunday=1, Saturday=7)
> EXPIRE= $when_to_expire

Quite right.
This probably needs to be explicitly mentioned in the manpage.
I'm used to such notations so I've never thought about this not being
clear to everyone...

> What is stumping me though is the following example from man dirvish.conf
> -----
> #MIN  HR    DOM   MON         DOW   EXPIRE
> *     *     1-7   1,4,7,10    1     never
> If the nightly backup is made dated the 1st Sunday of each quarter it is is 
> kept forever
> (Which is a really confusing sentence for me.. )

The double "is" needs to be removed :)

> I interpret that sentence to say.
> "If the nightly backup is made during the 1st through 7th day of the 
> month, and the month is either January, April, July or October, AND day 
> of the week is Sunday, then never expire the backup.

That is indeed a different way of saying exactly the same.
Note that "1st through 7th day of the month AND day of the week is
Sunday" is a very long way of saying "1st Sunday of the month" :-)

> Am I grasping the concept?   After making this email, I think I do get it.

Also keep in mind:

    "The last rule that matches will apply so list order is significant."

Paul Slootman

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