[Dirvish] dirvish not making hard links but copying files, consuming much space

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Sun Jun 11 09:47:30 UTC 2006

Hi Keith, 

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> On Thu, Jun 08, 2006 at 07:10:59PM +0200, Bloombox Team wrote:
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> > Dirvish inits a vault after running a dirvish --init 
> --vault n41 and 
> > it also runs fine about 1 to 3 times after initialization by only 
> > storing about 100MB of files which have changed.
> > After a few runs dirvish backups all files which is about 
> 5GB each run 
> > - and this jus fills up my backup storage very fast ... :-( The 
> > problem is: Those files haven't changed at all from my 
> point of view.
> The default behavior of dirvish and rsync is to decide a file 
> has changed if the size or the date has changed.  I would 
> guess the date has changed on your files.  Perhaps there is 
> some program that runs once a day that does a "touch" on the 
> files.  You can check this by looking at the dates with "ls 
> -l".  You can look at the dates of the real files, and of the 
> copies in the original and the extra image.
I'm afraid the files really haven't changed. I took nemesis41.key for an
example, as this normally isn't touched by any script - why should it?
Here's the ouput of a "ls -l":

-rw-r--r--  1 root root 891 2005-06-20 14:00 /etc/apache2/ssl/nemesis41.key

It's still of June 20th, 2006 ... :-\

> You can tell whether the files really change by doing a 
> "diff" an individual file in the original image and in the 
> extra image.  If there is not enough room to store both, then 
> you can experiment with a very small vault with just a few 
> files in it - do that for a few days and see if you get the 
> duplication behavior.
I guess, that's what I should do next. I hoped someone would have an
explanation for that behaviour, so I didn't checked that before. Sorry. ;-\
> If the files are have a date change, and you cannot find out 
> the reason, you can run dirvish with the --checksum flag and 
> see if the files are still copied.  The --checksum is slower 
> than looking at the date change, but your vaults are only 5GB 
> so that would not take too long for you.  If the files are 
> identical and the path does not change, but they are still 
> getting copied by rsync with --checksum, then we have an 
> interesting new problem and I hope you will help us find that.
Sure I will. I'm very interested in finding a solution! Please see my answer
to another posting as it deals with the file changes.

> BTW, you can do us a favor.  Many of our new German friends 
> are here because of an article in c'T magazine.  Could you 
> find a URL for that article so we can add a link on the 
> dirvish website for it?  
The problem is: They are still selling that article through the web. It's
not freely available - and I guess it's not allowed to post it somewhere on
the web. Have you already asked them if you are allowed to put it on your
website? Should I do that for you? Maybe they will make it available freely
after some weeks?

Best regards,
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