[Dirvish] dirvish not making hard links but copying files, consuming much space

Bloombox Team dirvish at bloombox.de
Thu Jun 8 17:10:59 UTC 2006

Hi all,
I have installed dirvish several times now since I first read of it in
german magazine C't.
I'm experiencing a strange problem at a server with Debian Linux and dirvish
with the following version:
dirvish version 1.2
Dirvish inits a vault after running a dirvish --init --vault n41 and it also
runs fine about 1 to 3 times after initialization by only storing about
100MB of files which have changed.
After a few runs dirvish backups all files which is about 5GB each run - and
this jus fills up my backup storage very fast ... :-( The problem is: Those
files haven't changed at all from my point of view.
If I run dirvish-locate for a file, I get the following information for an
unchanged file:

    Jun 20  2005 20060605-2304
    Jun 20  2005 20060604-2304
    Jun 20  2005 20060603-2304
    Jun 20  2005 20060602-2304, 20060602-0958, 20060602-0912, 20060602-0852
Information about my system called nemesis41 (vault n41) can be found at the
following link (the list doesn't like my long posting :-\):


Feel free to tell me, if you need something else. I'm running out of ideas
with this one - mostly because I have the same configuration on another
system mostly the same like this one and everything works as expected ...
Best regards,
Jens Hauser

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