[Dirvish] Images in a directory tree

dirvish at GMxTechnologies.com dirvish at GMxTechnologies.com
Sat Jun 3 05:03:25 UTC 2006

> You could try a post-* hook.  Your image-default: could be %d and you could 
> have a shell script `mkdir` the appropriate directory and move the %d image 
> into its %Y/%m hierarchy afterwards, perhaps.
> That'll probably break `dirvish-expire`, though.
Also, I suspect it would break the indexes, too?
>> I wondered if you could fake out the "image-default" with something like
>> "%Y/%m/%d" (or some other magic to get the /'s in there)?
> No, it's passed to Perl's Time::CTime strftime()
Yeah, I guessed it was something like that, but bummer ...
> Wouldn't it be easier to extend the existing system to keep images around for 
> seven years?  I don't quite follow where Dirvish is used in your backup 
> model?  
Dirvish *is* the historical component ... the current backup system is 
capable of 1 image only ... no history.  :(

Another option we are looking at is if, legally, we can keep 1 year's 
worth of dailies, then 6 more yearly rollups (or some combination 
thereof).  That would certainly cut down on the number of directories 
per vault.

I'm just partial to tree structures for massive data/logs/etc like 
this...  :)


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