[Dirvish] Updating/overwriting existing images

Samuel P Howard dirvish at GMxTechnologies.com
Tue Aug 8 02:47:12 UTC 2006

> No, I don't believe it should.
> Snapshots are point-in-time.  That it cannot be later updated should be 
> considered a feature.  By definition it isn't a backup if it's subject to 
> change at anytime
I was under the impression that Dirvish was designed to be a backup 
tool, not just a point-in-time snapshot utility.

So, based on your feature, if a dirvish image creation fails 99% 
complete, your solution is to destroy the entire image and run the whole 
job over?  That seems a bit inefficient, doesn't it?  After all, the one 
of the best features of the underlying rsync tool is to *not* do painful 
things like that, isn't it?

In any case, this just ends up in a religious argument, and I'm not very 
interested in getting into one of those.  The end result is that I have 
no clean solution to my problem, and have to fall back on either hacking 
Dirvish (not really what I want to do), or brute force destroy and 
re-create (not exactly what I want to do, either).

For now, the brute force method is really my only short term 
implementation option, so now I have to figure out how to manually 
expire an image so that the indexes get cleaned up properly ... I am 
assuming that the dirvish-expire process cleans up indexes ... does it?


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