[Dirvish] server hard locks running dirvish-expire (where to start??)

Jason Boxman jasonb at edseek.com
Tue Apr 18 14:03:46 EDT 2006

Richard Geoffrion wrote:
> BTW,  smartctl reports errors on the drive but gives it a PASSED rating!

Yeah, I have a drive like that.  Linux md RAID spit the disk out, but it
rebuild fine and I ran multiple SMART tests on it and they all come back
clean now.

It still bothers me greatly, but it's been two weeks and I can replace it
under warranty if it really blows up bad.

Were the temperatures reported by the drives within a reasonable limit? 
Often you can run `smartctl -a /dev/?d? | grep -i temp` and get temp, often
in C, but rarely in some internal vendor format.  I like to keep  mine under
40C, but my 300GB Seagates are claimed to be good up to and including 60C.

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