[Dirvish] Dirvish doesn't run via cron

Dave Howorth dhoworth at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Fri Apr 7 05:47:18 EDT 2006

Elmar Natter / IN MEDIA KG wrote:
> I've got a very strange behaviour using dirvish, as long I run the
> dirvish-expire and dirvish-runall manually everything works. 

What user are you running the commands with? It could be file 
permissions or rsync/ssh login permissions.

> But if I run it via cron (as root) no error messages occur, but in the vault
> nothing is written.

What is in the log?

Or are you saying there's no log? No 2006-04-6 directory?

Is there some output from the cron job that shows it is actually running 
the dirvish commands?

Cheers, Dave

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